NACTEL Student Stories

Jeanie started to feel as though something was lacking in her life, so she decided to complete her Associate's degree. Her determination, combined with the encouragement and support from friends, family, co-workers, and her union, helped Jeanie succeed. As a result, she adopted Anatole France's motto, "Nine-tenths of education is encouragement."

According to Jeanie, one of the best parts of the program was how hands-on it was. "I actually picked up a soldering iron, made a working telephone, and put together circuit boards." The hands-on portion of the program helped Jeanie to be more engaged and involved.

The depth of relationships she formed with her fellow students and instructors came as a surprise. "It was odd that you could have such a connection with people and not actually see them face-to-face." She even found that a classmate actually worked in her building even though they had never met prior to the NACTEL program. "When we found out that we worked together, we talked about other courses we had taken and gave each other recommendations."

Her dream job is to become a Central Office Tech, but until then she is in the process of shopping for a new home. "With having my degree as a single woman, I am more confident on being a homeowner." She's proud of her newly earned degree in hand and is able to apply for better jobs because of the degree.

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