NACTEL Student Stories

Todd has been employed at Qwest for 13 years, transferring from Minnesota to Colorado two years ago.  Todd knew that he wasn’t a “very good” traditional student and thought online courses would be a better match for him.  “I had been taking classes off and on for a while.  I finally decided to consolidate all those previous credits and enroll in the NACTEL program at Pace University.”

Todd started the NACTEL program in 1998 and worked on his degree a little at a time since then.  “I learned not to over do it,” Todd said.  “Sometimes, I’d get bogged down in school and needed to take a break.”

As a member of the Minnesota Army National Guard, Todd was deployed to Iraq in 2003 for a year and had to take time off from his studies.  As Todd puts it, “Life would get in the way, but I kept coming back to my coursework.” 

One of his favorite experiences was that the faculty and support staff at Pace University still knew him each time when he returned to school.  “After being out of the program for a while, I contacted my advisor.  She remembered me and could easily pull up my information.  I didn’t have to talk to 12 different people to get an answer.”

For Todd, the opportunity to be in class with people from different parts of the country with different experiences was also a real advantage of the program.  His advice to other students is, “Stick with it!  Even if it takes you 10 years, you are still going to get your degree.”

Todd definitely feels his degree will give him a leg up in the future, and he would love to be a Power Engineer with Qwest.  Since graduating, he has started looking into Bachelor’s degree programs.  For the time being, having recently gotten married, Todd and his wife are excited to be expecting their first child.

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