NACTEL Student Stories

While Richard Benn was researching local colleges that offered degrees in telecommunications, an e-mail arrived from AT&T promoting the NACTEL online degree programs at Pace University. Comparing the convenience of an online program with driving an hour to school, choosing NACTEL was an easy decision for him.  Richard also knew from past experience how much time traditional college requires, and "You can do it in the privacy of your own home,” Richard remarked.  “Also, the staff at Pace University is very supportive.  That is another difference from other colleges.  No one yells at you in this program."

Richard advises his co-workers at AT&T to, “Take advantage of the tuition program that AT&T offers you.  So many of my co-workers are eligible, but choose not to pursue a degree.  Additional education is a good thing, especially in this economy.”
Through most of the program Richard was single, which helped him balance work and school.  At times, he did have to sacrifice his main passion, fishing, but the trade-off was worth it.  With only a year left in the program, Richard met a wonderful woman.  A new relationship meant a new challenge to find the right balance, at least at first.  Fortunately for Richard, his new girlfriend is a teacher and reinforced his decision that his studies came first.

Richard attended graduation accompanied by his girlfriend.  He is now considering earning his Security or CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification.

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