NACTEL Student Stories

Anthony Visciglia

For 30-years, Wayne dreamed of going back to college.  Traditional higher education seemed impossible due to lack of time and the need to maintain a fulltime occupation.  To attain the level of professional expertise he desired Wayne made it a point to take full advantage of training programs offered through his employer.  Then in 1999, Wayne discovered NACTEL’s unique online format and realized that earning his degree was possible .

As a Call Center Screener who specializes in tech support for DSL and networking, Wayne took a particular interest in NACTEL’s security, internet and networking sections of the curriculum.  According to Wayne, “NACTEL courses have made me more knowledgeable.  Because of NACTEL, I’m better able to understand what is going on with my customers so I can provide timely, high-quality technical support.” 

Wayne’s road to graduation was more challenging than most.  Major health problems continued to impede his progress, but he never let his health dictate his success.  Despite his illness, Wayne maintained a positive attitude and kept on studying.  He knew that as long as he could get online, he could accomplish his goals.   “Having a serious illness changes your perspective on what’s important, and to me learning is a top priority.” 

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