NACTEL Student Stories

When Vito was working in a bookstore four and a half years ago, he decided it was time to try something new.  He found an exciting opportunity as a Fiber Network Field Tech at Verizon.  In this new position, he preferred being able to work in different locations from day to day instead of continually being at the same desk as he had in the bookstore.   

Vito had already taken some college courses and knew he wanted to finish his degree.  He searched online for possible schools and found the NACTEL program at Pace University.  It looked like a good fit and something worth trying.  “The whole process was smooth, from buying books to signing up for classes.  It turned out to be a great experience,” Vito recalled.

For Vito, the hardest thing was finding the time to study.  With two children, a third on the way, and working a rotating shift, Vito made time to study on his days off.  His advice to those looking at the program is, “Take the first step.  Go from just looking online, and actually click the link and apply.”

Vito’s third child is due the week of graduation, so he will not be able to attend the ceremony.  However, he is already enrolled in the Bachelor’s program and plans to attend graduation when he finishes that degree.  As he considers his future, Vito wants to get into the video networking side of the industry.

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