NACTEL Student Stories

Jeffrey had never really considered going back to school until he received an email from his employer outlining the benefits of the NACTEL program.  In 2002, he decided to give online learning a try, “I just wanted to learn something and NACTEL courses seemed to be a natural progression.”  

Online learning made sense for Jeffrey.  The flexibility allowed him to study and complete homework on his own terms. “I’d say, well I’m up at 4:30 a.m., I might as well write my paper.” 

His advice to others considering the program, “do it”.  “If a person has the slightest inclination to go back to school, they should.”  Jeffrey maintains that the program drives a thirst for knowledge which leads to credibility within the industry and a feeling of personal accomplishment.

This summer marks four and one-half years since Jeffrey started the program.  He will graduate with an A.S. degree in Telecommunications in May, 2007.    “Challenging oneself is fantastic because in the end there is a sense that you’ve won.” 

He plans to take a short break after graduation and start working toward his Bachelor’s degree in the fall.   

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