NACTEL Student Stories

Jovany learned about the NACTEL program at Pace University through his company, Verizon. “Verizon really made it easy and helped me through the process,” he said.

“I pursued this degree so I could have more options down the road for promotion and further education,” said Jovany. “I was single, so it was a good time to do this.”

Jovany was going to a brick-and-mortar school, but he said he found it very difficult and tiring to get to classes in the wintertime when he had to take the train. “The NACTEL program was a much more comfortable way of getting access to the education,” he said. “I was better able to get my work done without the concern of rushing out of work to get to classes.” He also said it was easy to transfer the credits from his previously earned Associate’s degree toward the B.S. at Pace.

In addition to working full time, Jovanay is also pursuing a singing career, which has him traveling once a month in the U.S., as well as places like Panama and Costa Rica. This was another reason the online program was such a benefit.

“I could print out my assignments on the Thursday before I’d travel, and then complete them in the hotel over the weekend. I’d have a Saturday gig, and then Sunday I was right back online. I never lost access to the courses.”

One of the best parts of the NACTEL program for Jovany was the professors. “They were so helpful,” he said. “You could just e-mail them, and they were always there to help.”

“The classes really helped me understand my job better-in theory and also some things in the field, application-wise,” said Jovany. “It really helped me out. I’ve been recommending it to a couple friends at work now.”

His advice to anyone wanting to go into the NACTEL program is to really manage your time well and be disciplined.

“There’s a lot of reading and writing. You have to stay focused,” said Jovany. “Sometimes you might feel like it’s overwhelming, but you can ask the professor for help.”

Jovany plans to go on to pursue his Master’s through the NACTEL program at Pace in September. At the same time, he plans to release his second album entitled “Eres Todo para Mi” (You Are Everything for Me).

“I believe if you’re challenged, you’ll rise up to a whole new level,” said Jovany. “This program is challenging. If you accomplish this degree, you will be very satisfied.”

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