NACTEL Student Stories

Pierre Matthew could look out his window at Verizon and actually see Pace University in New York City.  His mother had earned two degrees from there, so he knew it was a great school.  He originally started in their Information Technology program through a traditional face-to-face program.  However, the events of 9/11 changed all of that.  “Working for Verizon at the time, we were responsible for rebuilding the entire infrastructure for the area affected by the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.  I was working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I had no time for school, so I had to drop out.”

When Pierre had the opportunity to return to school, he heard about the online NACTEL program Pace offered, and decided to look into the bachelor’s program.  “To be honest, I wasn’t into the online thing and didn’t believe in studying online yet, but I reviewed the curriculum and saw how good it was.  I actually didn’t take the program because of the convenience of online originally; I took it because the curriculum made sense for me and my career goals.”

The flexibility of an online program became essential to his success after a job change dramatically increased his commute time, and decreased his time available for attending classes—and studying.  Pierre noted what got him through the program was the amazing support from the professors and staff at Pace University.  “There was a time I fell almost eight weeks behind and I thought I was going to fail the class.  Between the professor and the staff, they stayed on me, and were so committed to my success; I became more concerned with disappointing them than disappointing myself.”  Their dedication paid off, and Pierre successfully passed the class – with an A! 

That was not the only example of the Pace professors and staff going above and beyond.  “Whenever I needed information about scholarships or financial aid, they made sure they got me the information or pointed me in the right direction.  My counselor also made sure I was doing the right program and scheduling classes the right way.  Whatever guidance you need, they will provide it!” 

Pierre earned his bachelor’s degree in December of 2013, and would like to take the next step to earn his Master’s.  “I hopefully will start NACTEL’s Master’s program at Pace University in the fall of 2014.”

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