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Amadeus Santos has worked for AT&T for 15 years, and accepted his most recent position of Area Manager for Facilities and Property Management in July of 2013.  In this position, he oversees a team of 8 property managers who are responsible for the maintenance and repair of nearly 700 retail stores in the northeast region of the United States.  

Amadeus credits the opportunity to advance into his new position to his Associate of Science degree in Telecommunications, earned online through Pace University: “Obtaining the Area Manager position was definitely influenced by showing that I took initiative to get a higher education.”   However, a promotion was not his main motivation for deciding to go back to school to earn his degree – it was his children.  “We adopted two children and I wanted to show them that it’s never too late to go back and get an education, no matter what you do in life,” he said.

Balancing a new family, a full time job, and schoolwork could sometimes be a challenge, but the online format provided the flexibility needed.  Amadeus also appreciated how willing his professors were to work with him: “The adoption was finalized during one of my semesters, and we hadn’t been to Portugal yet to visit my family.  One professor advanced work for me so I could complete it before we went, and another agreed to accept my work later upon our return.”

According to Amadeus, the knowledge gained through the program has been beneficial to him in his new position.  “We’re responsible for the telecommunications that come into our retail stores from the maintenance and repair perspective, and it’s important for me to understand how those things work.  Although I may not be a technician who is actually performing the work, having that knowledge does help me with my job and is relevant.”  Since he just earned his associate’s degree in August of 2014, he’d like to take a little break before deciding to pursue a bachelor’s degree to continue to progress in his career with AT&T.

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