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Press Release - Telecom Education Partnership, NACTEL, Creates Online Education in Mobile Technology to Support Industry Evolution

Contact: Scott Bates
e-mail: [email protected]

Denver, CO - October 1, 2010

Beginning this fall, Pace University will offer Mobile Technology as the newest of five tracks in the online telecommunications degree programs sponsored by the National Coalition of Telecommunications Education and Learning (NACTEL).

The IT world is ever-changing, and one of the fastest developing sectors is mobile technologies. Like all NACTEL-sponsored programs, the development of the Mobile Technology curriculum was industry-driven, so students will receive the most relevant and timely training for developing their careers. Rene Lutthans, manager, training and development at Verizon Wireless, says, "Verizon was part of the team that created the NACTEL Mobile Technology curriculum offered by Pace University, and it maps with the direction our business is going."

The new Mobile Technology track will prepare students for careers in the telecom industry's burgeoning field of mobile communications, including voice, data, and smart-phones, as well as future technology product offerings. Jon Nelson, director at AT&T, states that "NACTEL's new Mobile Technology curriculum offered by Pace University aligns with AT&T's services of today and tomorrow."

Students will learn intermediate concepts and applications of mobile technologies, such as basic radio concepts, analog cellular, digital, emerging wireless technologies, mobile devices, mobile operating systems, VoIP in mobile networks, and high-level convergence. The Mobile Technology degree will transfer into a comprehensive, accelerated Bachelor's degree that was jointly developed by Pace University and NACTEL.

Currently, NACTEL provides Certificate programs, Associate's degrees, and Bachelor's degrees specific to a wide range of telecommunications technologies including fiber and broadband, wireless networking, and video technologies.  These programs are offered entirely online through NACTEL's education partner, Pace University. 

Dr. David Sachs, Associate Dean at Pace University and NACTEL Co-Director, stated, "Since the beginning of the NACTEL program, the University has been committed to offer a state-of-the-art online curriculum that continually meets the needs of the telecommunications industry as it evolves, and the new Mobile Technology program does just that."

NACTEL, the National Coalition for Telecommunications Education and Learning, is a non-profit organization that is a unique partnership of major telecommunications companies and labor unions established for the purpose of creating online learning programs to address critical employment needs in the telecommunications industry. Since 1999, NACTEL has sponsored online programs and degrees offered by Pace University and targeting technical workforce in the telecommunication industry. NACTEL-sponsored Certificates, Associate's, and Bachelor's degrees are available to support all telecommunications technologies including overall telecommunications, fiber and broadband, wireless networking, video technologies, and now mobile technologies. Current NACTEL members include AT&T, The Communications Workers of America (CWA), CenturyLink, Frontier Communications, The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Qwest, and Verizon. The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) serves as fiscal agent and program manager for NACTEL. For additional information about NACTEL and industry-sponsored online telecommunications education, visit

About Pace University
For nearly 100 years, Pace University ( has been a fully-accredited, private, not-for-profit university with campuses in New York City, Pleasantville, and White Plains in the State of New York. In addition, since the mid 1990s Pace University has emerged as a leader in quality online education. The NACTEL program is provided by the University’s Seidenberg School for Computer Science and Information Systems.

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