NACTEL Virtual Open House
Attend the Virtual Open House on May 5th to learn about Pace University programs. Staff will be on hand to answer questions. It is quick and easy! Grab a spot today!
Summer Classes Are Starting!
What do you need? A course? A Certificate in Mobile Technology? Cybersecurity? Emerging Technology?
NACTEL has all things telecom. Classes are starting soon.

Internet Explorer the end of an era?
IE has been with us since the beginning. Is it on the way out? Take a look: End of Internet Explorer?
Student Story
"For someone who doesn't feel like they can get an education because they don't have the time, this is the perfect solution. The classes aren't easy, but the program is, thanks to the great support staff and professors at Pace University." Amadeus Santos, AT&T. Read More
This MonthsTech LOL
Meet Nacy Treuer, Associate Degree Advisor at Pace University
Q: You're known as the "heart of NACTEL." Tell us about what you do.
A: I am not only an advisor but the front line of communications. I encourage students to contact me for anything and if I am unable to help them, I point them to the help they need. I am the first person that a potential student contacts. Many times I am answering questions for a few weeks before the student takes any action. I am passionate about the success of our students. I truly want the students to feel that there is someone at the other end who cares about them and wants to help.
Q: How have students changed since the early days of NACTEL?
A: In the beginning many students were evaluated by their employers before they came to us. They knew what they wanted and what to expect. Now, students are interested in continuing their education, but they don't really know if that is truly what they want, what it means and how to accomplish that. That is where I come in.

Q: What's the question new students ask most often?
A: New students coming into the associate's degree, sometimes don't know if they are capable of college level work or able to balance work and school. We reassure them – this program was designed specifically for the adult students with full time jobs and family obligations. These courses are self paced and as long as they stay on the weekly schedule they can do their school work anytime!

Q: Any advice for current or future NACTEL students?
A: First, give it a try – this program was designed for the adult student to succeed and it is proven to work! Second, don't overload yourself. Students believe that one or two courses is not enough – but we have proven historically that this is just the right number for a full time working adult to succeed.

Q: Anything the world should know about you?
A: I am a tap dancer and have been all of my life. I taught tap dancing during college and still attend classes regularly.