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January 2014 NACTEL Newsletter

It is 2014!  What will you learn this year?

It's time to act on your New Year's resolutions, so what are you going to learn this year?

We offer things like IPTV and Cyber Security.
Good for you and good for your career.

Come learn with us.

Spring classes are already enrolling - get started today!

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Ever hear of a MOOC? It's a Massive Open Online Course.
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February 27 through April 9

Social Media and the Impact on Communications


From Morse Code to 4G; How did we get here?
(A telecom overview.)

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Take a Peak At Video and Smart Technologies

Not sure where to focus your Associate's degree? Try the Video track! Like all NACTEL degree programs, the AS is offered entirely online through Pace University. This technical degree prepares students to install, maintain, and manage the telecom industry's emerging technologies (such as smart home technology, television principles, video over IP) and "triple play" product offerings. 

Next up? Quadruple play: that is, Internet, TV, landline, and mobile phone use. 


VIVIDFutureNACTEL developed VIVIDFuture with you in mind. New to the industry? Maybe you'd like to ring in the New Year with a new career? Or perhaps you're interested in seeing a different side of the telecom industry? VIVIDFuture is your one-stop shop, with a career map to show you your options, job postings, help for your job search, and more! 

Whether you're interested in Voice, Infrastructure, Video, Information, or Data, VIVIDFuture has you covered.

NACTEL partner, CenturyLink, recently posted a new jobs posting package on VIVID Future. Take a look! Learn more at

Tech Term: Vaporware

Ever hear about a new gadget or software, only to realize months still hasn't happened? You may have been fooled by vaporware: a computer-related product that has been widely rumored or advertised, but has not (and may never) become available. The term has been around since the 1980s, and is modeled after more familiar computing terms like hardware and software.

Meet NACTEL: Kevin Celata - CWA


This month, we spoke to Kevin Celata of the Communication Workers of America (CWA). Thanks for speaking with us Kevin!

We know you represent the CWA and are new Co-Director on the NACTEL Board of Directors. Can you tell us more about what you do?
I am the administrator of CWA's on-line training program the CWA/NETT Academy. I have been doing this for 13 years now and it is an absolute thrill to work with our members and be able to assist them in achieving their goals. I also administer the Frontier Communications training program in West Virginia where we offer training opportunities to the members as part of the negotiated benefits with the company.

What's new at CWA?
CWA continues to lead the movement through coalition building with groups like NAACP, the Sierra, Club, NOW and the LGBT community; they are all taking on the tough issues facing all of our working families. We continue to create new and innovative avenues to involve our members in our day to day activities. For example, our weekly town hall calls are just the beginning and some new web and mobile applications are soon to follow.

Why did you decide to be involved with NACTEL? Why did you agree to serve as the Co-Director?
My passion in life is education. I hold two degrees in Vocational and Technical Education and have spent half my life working with those who thirst for more. NACTEL is another resource for our members and I am in the right position to contribute. I have agreed to become co-chair because I the leadership in any group like this one is extremely beneficial to long-term success. I hope my contributions are as successful as those who have served before.

Any advice for current or future NACTEL students?
My advice, don't give up. For any working adult, it is difficult enough to get through any given day. Add school to the mix and you find yourself doing the impossible. Find strength in what you are doing and the sacrifices you are making. Rejoice and reward yourself with a gift of a trip to New York City for the NACTEL/PACE graduation. Here, you will finally meet your advisors and instructors face to face and celebrate YOU!

Anything the world should know about you? (Here's your chance!)
My family is my life, I have a beautiful wife son and daughter, everything else comes second. I enjoy working on my home and helping neighbors out. I recently began working with a local group "Rebuild Together" that helps families in need make critical repairs to their homes. One of my dreams would be to travel the country with my wife, who is a nurse, and help others rebuild their homes and heal their wounds.

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