Benefits of Joining NACTEL

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There are two groups eligible to become NATCEL partners

  • Telecommunications companies with bargained-for employees
  • Labor organizations with members in the telecommunications industry

See the list of NACTEL partners.

NACTEL partners benefit from

  • NACTEL-sponsored curriculum
    • Partners have immediate access to state-of-the-art, instructor-led, online curriculum, developed and continually monitored by the industry, available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Discounted tuition
    • NACTEL partner employees and members receive significant tuition discounts, negotiated by NACTEL.
  • A voice in ongoing curriculum development
    • By participating in curriculum development, NACTEL partners leverage this education program to support internal training and increase opportunities for members to prepare for the jobs continually evolving in this industry.
  • NACTEL quality
    • NACTEL collects and monitors significant data related to the student experience and workplace relevance. Partners can be assured of a quality education experience.
  • Tuition assistance value
    • Of all the programs supported by corporate tuition assistance, NACTEL is the one most aligned with the telecommunications industry.
  • A network of peers
    • NACTEL offers partners a broad and deep network of training and workforce development peers.

Organizations interested in joining the NACTEL partnership should Contact Us.

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